The Advantages of Metal Roofing

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When you think of roofing, you probably think about asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles cover an incredible number of buildings across the country, and they are not without their advantages. However, there are certainly other options available when you need to put a new roof on a building that you own – and one of the best options is metal. A metal roof might not be the first thing you think of when taking on a roofing project, but there is a chance that it will wind up being the best material for the job.

It is important to understand that there is no one ‘best’ roofing material on the market. The best material for your job is the one that is best suited to your needs. Each roofing job is unique, so each job must be approached with an open mind before a material is selected and installed.

Bring on the Weather

One of the most important characteristics of metal roofing is its ability to stand up to just about anything that Mother Nature can deliver. UV rays from the sun have been known to do plenty of damage over the years to a standard asphalt roof, but you will have no such worries when your structure is topped by metal. Also, the cycle of freezing and thawing that takes place during the winter in colder climates can be trouble for many roofing materials, but metal will have no problem at all with this issue. Basically, if you want the roof of your building to stand up to whatever Mother Nature has in store, metal is the material for you.

Savings in the Long Run

It is true that a metal roof will likely cost more upfront to install than an asphalt roof of the same size. The materials needed for a metal roof installation are usually costlier, and the actual labor to install the work will be more expensive as well. However, that is money that you should expect to recover in the long run. Many metal roofs come with a warranty that runs as long as 50 years, meaning there is a good chance this roof will be the last one you have to pay to put on the home. Also, there is less maintenance involved with caring for a metal roof as the years go by, so you can save on that front as well.

Environmentally Sound Choice

Have you ever thought about what happens to all of those old asphalt shingles when they are torn off of a roof? Usually, they head straight to the landfill. That is an incredible amount of waste that is being created by the roofing industry. On the other hand, metal roofs usually contain a large percentage of recycled material, lessening the environmental impact of this project. Metal roofs are great at providing insulation to your house as well, meaning you may be able to reduce your usage of both heating and cooling systems.

There is a lot to like about the prospect of a metal roof. If you are thinking of putting a new roof on any structure that you own, make sure you give metal careful consideration before making your final selection.

The Pros & Cons of Synthetic Slate Roofing

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When picking a roofing material for your home or any other building, you will likely come across slate as one of your options. While slate is undeniably beautiful, it also comes with a few drawbacks that can give buyers pause. However, there is another option on the market that you may wish to consider. Synthetic slate (also known as composite) includes made of the features that have made actual slate a popular roofing material, but it attempts to cut back on some of the drawbacks. The following list will highlight some of the pros and cons related to this product.

Pro – Save Money

As you would expect, synthetic slate roofing is not nearly as expensive as the actual slate that it is imitating. The savings when you choose this product will likely come in two forms – both the purchase of the material itself, as well as the installation costs. Real slate is heavy and difficult to install properly, meaning you will have to pay an experienced team to do the job. With synthetic slate, you will be looking at an easier job and lower costs related to the install.

Con – Questionable Longevity

This point is not meant to say that synthetic slate will not last a long time, because it might prove to be extremely durable. The problem is that the question is still open. Since this is a product that has not been on the market for very long, there is uncertainty around how long it will last in practical application. It very well may prove to be true that synthetic slate is a durable material, but that has not yet been proven in the field.

Pro – Environmental Benefits

When actual slate is pulled from the ground, it obviously cannot be replaced. On the other hand, there are plenty of composite roofing products which are made from recycled materials. If you are someone who likes to make decisions based on their environmental impact, this is a point worth keeping in mind.

Con – Fire Rating Issues

When dealing with roofing, a Class A fire rating is what you want to see – this is the highest grade that is given to roofing materials. Unfortunately, some of the synthetic products on the market fall short of this mark. Should you decide that you are going to go ahead with a synthetic slate roof on your property, be sure to check on the fire rating for each brand that you consider.

Pro – Easier to Find Help

The number of roofing companies who are willing and able to install a slate roof is somewhat limited in certain areas. Depending on where you live, you may have trouble finding a qualified contractor to do the job. That shouldn’t be a problem when you pick synthetic. This is a product that is relatively easy to install, so most roofing companies will be happy to take on the job.

Con – How Does It Look?

This is a point that isn’t necessarily a con, but it is something that will be in the ‘eye of the beholder’. Some composite roofs look great and do an excellent job of imitating the real thing, while others look obviously fake – and cheap. You will need to pick a product that you feel does a good job of representing actual slate if you are to be pleased with the outcome of the project.
In the end, there is a lot to like about synthetic slate roofing, even if there are a couple of drawbacks to weigh. Take your time as you decide between synthetic slate and the real thing so you can be sure to walk away with a choice that you will be happy with for years to come.

The Differences Between Metal & Asphalt Roofing Infographic

When it comes to residential remodeling, one of the fastest growing roofing products is metal roofing. Did you know that metal roofing has grown to well over 10% of the residential roofing market over the past seven years?

One of the main reasons homeowners have opted for metal over asphalt shingles is because metal is considered to be a “green” product. Metal roofing also has aesthetic appeal and it actually costs less than asphalt over its long lifespan!

Check out this easy to understand infographic which compares the differences between metal roofing and traditional asphalt shingles.
metal and asphalt roofing comparison

Problem Areas For Roof Leaks – Infographic

When it comes to a leaky roof, there can be a variety of contributing factors. The quality of the original installation and the age of the roof can also factor into this equation. The following infographic examines a variety of conditions that can contribute to a leaking roof, including deteriorating shingles & pipe boots, rotten fascia, as well as clogged gutters and downspouts.
roof leaking issues

The BBB’s Tips For “How to Hire a Roofing Contractor” Video

There are a few things you should know when you make the move to hire a roofing contractor. The Better Business Bureau has put together a video with advice and suggestions for questions that you should ask your roofer. From being aware of scams to knowing what’s in your contract, have a look at these tips!

And as always, here at PJ’s, feel free to ask us anything!

Six Tips For Hiring a Roofing Contractor

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If you are looking to hire a roofing contractor, here are six tips to help you in your selection process.

1. Make sure they are insured.
It may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s imperative that your contractor has liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Don’t forget to ask for proof such as the certificates or you can even call the insurance carrier for confirmation. 

2. Choose a local – in this case Maryland or Pennsylvania – company.
Make sure your contractor is local. An established company with a good reputation in the community speaks volumes. 

3. Don’t just go for the most affordable.
While price is important for many, choosing the absolute cheapest service can sometimes be a bad thing. Be careful with cheap bids are “real” companies have overhead and proper insurance to make sure you both are covered. 

4. Avoid “storm chasers”.
Stay away from the “We were in your neighborhood” roofers. Instead, try to choose a roofing company by other means, for instance a referral from a satisfied client.

5. Time and money.
These are things that should be in your control throughout the process. Make you are informed how long the job will take and also make sure that you are satisfied with the services before you release your funds.

6. Communication.
Did the contractor provide the essential paperwork? Did they return your phone calls and/or emails? Did they follow through? If the contractor can’t make good on these tasks, it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere.

Now that you’ve read these six tips, you can rest assured that we are a top quality company that’s ready to serve your roofing needs in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Call us today!

How To Protect Your Roof From Snow & Ice Infographic

Winter officially begins next month, and states like Maryland and Pennsylvania here in the mid-Atlantic could face some big snow storms over the coming months! With that being said, when it does snow a lot, there are some things we can do as homeowners to protect our homes’ roofing. This infographic provides facts, tips and “do’s and don’ts” for protecting your roof against snow and ice.
how to protect your roof

The Importance of Cleaning Your Rain Gutters Video

At PJ’s Roofing, our experienced roofing experts have years of experience inspecting, evaluating, and installing gutters and downspouts. Fortunately for homeowners, some of these problems can be prevented! One of the biggest issues we see with gutter repair in Maryland and Pennsylvania is that the gutters are not cleaned out. This video from The Handyman Toolbox shows the importance of cleaning your rain gutters and the effects that can happen if they are left alone!

How To Know When To Replace Your Roof

At PJ’s, while we are roofing repair professionals, we can’t visit every home in our service areas of Maryland and Pennsylvania to inform homeowners that their roof is in need of replacement. Fortunately, homeowners can do various exterior and interior checks to know when their roof needs replacing before it’s too late! From cracked shingles to shingle granules and much more, this infographic provides plenty of signs to let you know when it’s time to look into a new roof!
how to check roof replacement

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