How To Protect Your Roof From Snow & Ice Infographic

Winter officially begins next month, and states like Maryland and Pennsylvania here in the mid-Atlantic could face some big snow storms over the coming months! With that being said, when it does snow a lot, there are some things we can do as homeowners to protect our homes’ roofing. This infographic provides facts, tips and “do’s and don’ts” for protecting your roof against snow and ice.
how to protect your roof

The Importance of Cleaning Your Rain Gutters Video

At PJ’s Roofing, our experienced roofing experts have years of experience inspecting, evaluating, and installing gutters and downspouts. Fortunately for homeowners, some of these problems can be prevented! One of the biggest issues we see with gutter repair in Maryland and Pennsylvania is that the gutters are not cleaned out. This video from The Handyman Toolbox shows the importance of cleaning your rain gutters and the effects that can happen if they are left alone!

How To Know When To Replace Your Roof

At PJ’s, while we are roofing repair professionals, we can’t visit every home in our service areas of Maryland and Pennsylvania to inform homeowners that their roof is in need of replacement. Fortunately, homeowners can do various exterior and interior checks to know when their roof needs replacing before it’s too late! From cracked shingles to shingle granules and much more, this infographic provides plenty of signs to let you know when it’s time to look into a new roof!
how to check roof replacement

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