What Can Happen If You Put Off Roof Repair

house with old cedar shake roof

Being a homeowner is not for the faint of heart. In addition to all the things you’d like to do to enhance your home’s comfort and value, there always seems to be a list of must-do items that require your attention—and resources. That can be frustrating, but when it comes to roof repairs, don’t put those off. Delaying necessary roof repairs can create serious, expensive consequences, endangering your home, health, and financial security if you don’t address them promptly and thoroughly.

Delaying roof repairs can cause:

Health Issues
Even a small leak in your roof can allow mold, mildew and/or bacteria to develop in the wet spots where the water seeps in. As those areas of moisture expand, more will grow exponentially, working its way into the walls, the attic, and below grade. When these nasties grow indoors, they contaminate the air, threatening your health. Many people are very sensitive to mold, mildew and bacteria—to the point they develop severe respiratory illness or ongoing allergies.

Structural Instability
If your roof is leaking, and the leak is left untreated, your home can incur some serious internal damage. The wooden support beams that create the infrastructure will begin to rot and become unstable—in the worse cases, your roof will eventually collapse.

Delaying roof repairs won’t solve the problem.

Walk your roof after big storms or high winds and check for signs of damage. If any shingles are missing, torn, broken, or punctured, get a professional roofer in there to fix the problems pronto.
When your roof starts leaking, it will spread quickly to other parts of the house, weakening both the roof and the rest of the home’s infrastructure. Holes and cracks in your roof allow insects, rodents and other animals to get into your home, contaminating your living area and possibly spreading disease.

Putting off roof repairs is more expensive.

When you notice roof damage, ignoring it will only lead to the damage getting worse over time and more costly to repair. When you don’t act promptly, the damage may even spread from the roof to other parts of your home, including the walls, joists, rafters and more. Should the roof and ceilings collapse, it will be considered as a roof failure and you will need to remove and replace the entire roof. If mold, mildew, and other toxins have taken over your home, you’ll have to call in a professional service to clean it. You will also have to call a pest control company to remove any insects and animals that entered your house. Putting off roof maintenance and minor repairs only opens the door for more serious problems that will be considerably more expensive to repair.

Don’t Count on your insurance to cover certain costs.

While your homeowner’s insurance policy typically covers damage from natural disasters like storms and strong winds, it’s not likely to pay you for repairs that have resulted from neglected minor issues. If the insurance company’s claims examiner sees evidence that you have your roof, it’s possible that your claim will be rejected.

In the worst cases, putting off roof repairs can create issues that are threatening to your health and more expensive to repair. Ignoring the signs of roof damage can morph into problems that are too severe to fix while the house is occupied. Imagine having to move out of your home entirely to fix problems that could have been remedied years ago for far less money and much less disruption.

At PJ’s Roofing, we understand the importance of living in a healthy, structurally sound home that retains its value over time. We offer financing options to make roof repair or replacement affordable for a wide range of budgets.