The Advantages of Having Proper Roof Ventilation

roof vent built into the side of a home

When you think of the key systems that keep your home running properly, what do you think of first? Most likely, you would like things like plumbing, the electrical system, your heating and cooling system, etc. And, of course, all of those items are extremely important. With that said, we would like to take time in this article to highlight another important system – roof ventilation. There are a variety of advantages associated with proper roof ventilation, and we are going to discuss some of those points below. Let’s get started!

Save on Energy Costs

Everyone likes to save money, and a properly vented home roofing system may be able to help you do just that. When your roof is vented correctly, that venting will help the air in the attic to remain at a lower temperature. The warmer air will work its way out through the vents, and cooler air will replace it. When your attic is cooler, your air conditioner won’t need to work quite as hard to keep the living spaces at a comfortable temperature. Good roof ventilation is not going to eliminate the need for an air conditioner on a hot summer day, but it can help to make the AC units job a little bit easier. And, of course, running your air conditioner less frequently will mean a lower energy bill at the end of the month.

Even Things Out

It can be rather frustrating to live in a home where one room feels dramatically warmer or cooler than another room. It’s hard to keep this kind of house comfortable, as you are constantly fidgeting with the thermostat to strike the right balance. When a home has a poorly vented roof, you may be more likely to experiences temperature extremes within the house. Work to improve your venting and you may be able to even out the temperatures between areas of your home.

Add Years to Your Roof

One of the most compelling reasons to concern yourself with roof ventilation is the fact that it may be able to help you to get a longer life span from your roof. The benefit of ventilation can be seen in both the summer and the winter. In the summer, good ventilation will help to keep your attic cooler than it would be otherwise, which will help to protect the condition of your shingles. Without sufficient ventilation, the significant heat buildup in the attic could damage your shingles from below, reducing the length of their effective life.

Once winter rolls around, the ventilation in your attic will pay off for another reason. In this case, we are talking about avoiding ice dams. If your attic is too warm in the winter, due to poor ventilation, that built-up heat can melt the snow and ice which may be resting on your roof. Water will then run down to the edge of the roof, where it may refreeze because it no longer as the warm part of the attic to keep it melted. You now have ice around the edges of your roof, and it can gradually build up farther onto the roof, potentially damaging the entire system in the process. With proper roof ventilation, you may be able to avoid this potentially serious winter issue.