5 Common Roofing Myths Debunked

row of residential homes in need of roof maintenance

When Emily’s ceiling started to sag, she knew she needed a new roof. So, she started to think about saving some money by replacing it herself. She read some DIY articles about residential roof installation and figured she could handle it. Thankfully before starting, she called PJ’s Roofing, and ultimately decided to have the professionals install it.

We understand why having a well-maintained roof matters. After all, this isn’t just the top of your house; it also protects your home’s structural integrity by evenly distributing the weight of the top of your home along with any snow and wind loads. This maintains the stability and integrity of the entire structure. In addition to shielding your home from rain, snow, hail, and wind, it stops water from seeping in and damaging your home’s interior.

However, misinformation about roofing and roof maintenance can lead to costly mistakes. That’s why we’re here to debunk five common roofing myths that could be affecting your home.

Myth 1: “Roofs Don’t Need Regular Maintenance”

Let’s start by talking about the common myth that your roof’s maintenance can basically survive solely on sunshine because it doesn’t need any human help. Actually, the opposite is true. Regular roof maintenance can prolong your roof’s life by preventing major issues from popping up farther down the line. If you schedule regular inspections and take proactive steps such as cleaning away debris and checking for damage, you can end up saving yourself from many costly repairs in the future.

Myth 2: “All Roofing Materials Are the Same”

However, not all roofing materials are created equal. Each type, including asphalt, metal, or other materials, has its own individualized properties, and each suits different needs, environments, and budgets. When considering any residential roof installation or repair, you’ll want to be sure to choose the best for the job material based on factors such as climate, budget constraints, and the design of your home. We can help you make an informed decision that’s designed for your home’s specific needs.

Myth 3: “A New Roof Can Be Installed Over the Old One”

Everybody loves the idea of saving money while they’re saving time, so for a residential roof installation, simply laying new shingles on top of the existing roof sounds amazing. Sadly, that may not always be the best solution. Having too much material piled on the top of your home can weigh down the roof, cause hidden damage, and compromise your new roof’s integrity. Our professional recommendation is to go for a complete roof replacement for its safety and longevity.

Myth 4: “Roof Leaks Are Always Easy to Spot”

Let’s go back to our story about Emily. In her case it was obvious that her roof was leaking. However, despite what many people believe, roof leaks are not always immediately noticed. They can be sneaky, and end up causing damage that you might not even see for a while. Some signs to look out for include water stains on walls or ceilings. These are good indicators, but sometimes leaks can still go undetected until they turn into major issues. That’s why professional inspections are so important to catching these hidden leaks early.

Myth 5: “Roofing Is a DIY Job”

While the appeal of saving money by tackling roofing projects yourself may be tempting, the risks and hazards associated with performing installation, roof maintenance, or a residential roof repair yourself can far outweigh any potential savings. Remember Emily, who wanted to put on a new roof all by herself? Even she decided that this kind of work is best left to the professionals because it’s a specialized skill that requires a lot of experience, knowledge, and proper safety measures. When you hire professional roofers like us, you can be confident that the job is going to be done correctly, efficiently, and safely.

A Roof’s Added Job

Your roof also adds a lot to your home’s appearance and curbside appeal. It can add to its architectural design, style, and character by making it more attractive and charming.

Knowing What’s True and What’s a False

It’s important to have accurate information for proper roof care. By shining a light on these common myths and revealing the truths behind them, we give homeowners the ability to make informed decisions about their roofs.

When it comes to protecting your home, your roof plays an important and complex role, and that’s why it’s always best to use a professional company for your roofing needs. Remember PJ’s Roofing is an expert professional company with high-quality workmanship and superior materials, and we provide exceptional service.

Please don’t try to perform a residential roof repair, roof maintenance, or a residential roof installation yourself. This can be dangerous and expensive. Professional roofers have the experience, skills, and tools necessary to install your roof correctly so that it meets all safety standards and building codes. Trusting us for your roofing needs will give you peace of mind, knowing your roof is in the hands of dedicated professionals. For any roof concerns or projects, please reach out. As your roofing professionals, we’ll handle all of your roof maintenance needs with precision and care, keeping your home safe and secure.